A digital series on race and who we are as Americans.

Back in September, a Facebook video went viral.  The video was Nydia’s response to a driver who almost hit her as she was crossing a Philadelphia street. The driver and Nydia exchanged words about who had the right of way. Then as the woman drove off, she yelled out her window, “THIS IS AMERICA.”

Those three words suggested to Nydia that the driver did not see her as American. After a lifetime of letting similar comments just roll off her back, something inside of her snapped.

It sparked a journey into the American experience and a real conversation about race. The making of #ThisIsAmerica took some unexpected, surprising turns. The journey made Nydia think more deeply about herself and how she sees others. 









Episode 1: An Introduction

How a raw, angry, viral video turns into a national dialogue about race and who we are as Americans.


Episode 2: Moving In

The video was my expression of outrage. It is Americans like us who make this country strong and exceptional. I sought out many of the 15k+ people who commented on my video in hopes of having a real conversation.


Episode 3: The Next Generation